Welcome back to our dental blog! If you have been keeping up with our last posts, we were focusing on foods you should eat to protect your teeth and substances you should avoid. When it comes to your smile, we at Denmark Dental always want you to have beautiful pearly whites. Our dental team in Eagan are passionate and care about your oral health. Our dental clinic focuses on everything from semi-annual cleanings to dental implants.

Sometimes, something goes awry and you may not have taken care of your teeth the way that was necessary, you got hurt and lost a tooth, or some of the teeth are so damaged there is no relief that can be done by your hard work alone. If this sounds like a scenario you may be presently in, you may be a great candidate for dental implants. Dental implants is a procedure performed at our dental clinic for people that do not have viable teeth any longer. A titanium screw is placed as the root of the tooth and then a replacement tooth is secured by our cosmetic dentist. The process not only restores the tooth, but also your smile.

Here are the benefits of receiving a dental implant from our cosmetic dentist:

Just Like Natural Teeth

With the advancement of technology over the years, it has definitely broken waves in the medical world. Now, dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. They are strong, very durable, and will be able to function just as your normal teeth would have. If you don’t get a dental implant, sometimes this can lead to severe complications where you won’t be able to speak normally, your smile will be disfigured, and eating may become a challenge. Don’t let your dental health get to this state. If you think you need a dental implant, come to the best cosmetic dentist in Eagan!

Long Term

Dental implants are going to be the long-term solution you have been waiting for. While other dental procedures may be temporary, such as a dental bridge, your dental implants will be able to last a lifetime. You may need to get them adjusted periodically, but as long as you care for them, they give you the bright white smile you deserve. You will be able to enjoy your new dental implants without the worry of needing them replaced in a short amount of time. In Eagan, we want your oral health to be taken care of, first and foremost.


Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to have an imperfect smile. When you know you have imperfections with your teeth, it may make you feel uncomfortable to be in photos, or worse off to go out into public. You may feel embarrassed by the state of your teeth and to stay in feels like a more viable option. With dental implants, you can start to feel like your true self again. You don’t need to worry about how people perceive you or if your dentures are going to dislodge while speaking. Having dental implants will give you the freedom to go out and do the things you enjoy. Rejoice with a beautiful smile again and gain your confidence back.

These are just some of the amazing attributes of having a dental implant placed by our cosmetic dentist. In Eagan, our dental clinic is here for you. Check back for our next blog with more perks of dental implants, and schedule your dental consultation today!