THE FUNCTION OF DENTAL CROWNSdreamstime_l_63315611

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that—as the name suggests—are set on top of the tooth, most times covering the entire portion of the tooth that is visible from the gum line and up. A dental crown is able to fulfill numerous roles for teeth:

  • Protective – If a tooth is weakened from decay, cracked, or fractured, a dental crown can protect the tooth from further damage.
  • Functional – If a tooth is broken or severely degraded and unable to be used for chewing, a crown for that tooth can restore it to full use.
  • Aesthetic – Have discolored or misshapen teeth due to deterioration or damage? A dental crown can provide the appearance of a healthy tooth.


The material choice for dental crowns can be determined by the purpose of the crown being placed, one’s budget, and aesthetic choices.

Here are a few common permanent dental crown materials our dentists in Eagan can utilize:

  • Metals (Gold) – Crowns made of metal can incorporate gold alloys, palladium, nickel, chromium, and more. Metal dental crowns are more visible, but are a common choice for back teeth due to their strength and longevity. They are the most durable crown material to utilize.
  • Porcelain – Porcelain crowns can either be a layer of porcelain attached to a metal base, or a full-porcelain crown. Porcelain allows for the tooth crown to be ideally matched to the natural color of your tooth.
  • If a Temporary Crown is required, it is normally fashioned out of acrylic or stainless steel. It is then applied by one of our dental experts until a permanent one is ready to be placed.


Crowns are a strong solution for many dental issues. Their benefits include:

  • Restorative – Weakened or damaged teeth can be restored to full functionality.
  • Preventative – Crowns are able to block further deterioration to teeth that have already been cracked or broken.
  • Durability – A dental crown is a strong, long-lasting dental restoration option.

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