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If you’ve ever worked hard for something, you understand how things usually work. Hard work and positive habits produce good results. Lazy attempts and bad habits produce much less. We’ve all seen this to be true in so many different ways. When it comes to sports, you often get what you give as far as practice, conditioning, and endurance. The same can be said of learning a new skill, language, instrument, or even working at a new job. If you’re willing to work hard and have good habits, you’ll grow faster.

When it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, the same principles are true. If you’re lazy about your oral health and you skip important steps in your dental care, you’ll find that your teeth will, most likely, suffer. However, if you adopt or keep positive dental habits, chances are that you’ll have a much healthier “dental life.” Let’s look at some examples of ways to adopt positive habits in our dental care. Continue reading to learn more!

Brushing Twice Daily

If you’re like more than half of Americans, you probably struggle to brush your teeth twice per day. However, according to studies done through the American Dental Association, universities, dental schools, and a myriad of articles and posts, it’s recommended that people brush their teeth at least twice per day. Brushing at night before bedtime can help remove food particles and bacteria from the day’s food. Brushing in the morning can help remove the accumulation of bacteria that can happen at night while we sleep.


While around one-third of Americans floss daily, another one-third admit to not flossing at all. That means that if you’re among the number of people who don’t floss, you’re probably putting yourself in jeopardy of encountering gum disease. Not only can the failure to floss regularly put you at risk for cavities between teeth, the long-term effects of forgoing the floss are scary, to say the least.

Going to the Dentist

Another common mistake that American adults make is that we often don’t go to the dentist enough. Make sure that you schedule your check-up or dental cleaning with your Eagan dentist every six months so that you can make sure that your oral health is always in tip-top shape.

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