If you woke up on January 1st ready to embrace the new year by making necessary changes to your life, that is amazing news! Revamping your lifestyle to a healthy one is not only going to help your body but your overall wellness. One thing many people forget to focus on when trying to be healthier, is their teeth. Your oral health still needs tender love and care, and our dental clinic in Eagan can help you get started.

At Denmark Dental, we are the leading dental practice in Eagan and we want to help you preserve your smile and overall oral health. In our last blog series, we went over the foods and drinks you should stay away from to prevent tooth decay, dry mouth, gingivitis, and more. In this post, we will go over things you can fully enjoy without any guilt whatsoever!

Great Food and Drinks for Your Oral Health


We touched on water a bit in our last blog, but we are about to go more in depth about its amazing benefits for your oral health. Fluoridated water, which contains traces of fluoride, is the best water for your teeth and gums. Having fluoride present in the water helps protect your teeth from acid that builds up and attacks your teeth causing cavities and decay. In Eagan, we pride our natural water source, and right from your tap is great water to help keep your smile safe and preserved. Water is also a great source of hydration that is calorie free. If you are trying to switch up your diet and plain water is just not exciting enough for you, find water additives with no sugar that will flavor your water!


Back in the 1990’s, there was a very popular slogan for milk, that was actually an accident. It took the world by storm, informing the nation how beneficial milk was for your entire body, your teeth are no different! Milk, yogurt, and cheese, are great sources of dairy with little sugar. These products contain tons of calcium and protein which keeps your teeth strong against the elements. Another plus is that because they are lower in sugar, these are foods and beverages you can enjoy without the threat of cavities and decay. Having some milk and cookies balances each other out, so you won’t have to feel as guilty.

Lean Protein

Protein is something you hear a lot when you are beginning to change up your eating habits. Benefits from proteins are endless, one of them being that they keep you feeling full longer. One you maybe weren’t aware of was the benefit it has for your teeth. Meats, fish, and eggs help strengthen your teeth and keep them strong throughout your lifetime.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a huge part of the food pyramid as well as part of your new lifestyle change when it comes to your eating habits. These delicious nutrients are full of water and fiber, they can assist your body in balancing out your sugar intake. They also are a great source for helping clean your teeth while you are still eating! Most vegetables also can also give you that “crunch” sound you crave such as apples, raw broccoli, and raw carrots. These items require your mouth to work a little harder, but this is a good thing! Continuous chewing helps produce saliva throughout the mouth which keeps bacteria at bay. This overflow of saliva helps get food particles and acid away from your teeth, which you can always appreciate.


Almonds, walnuts, cashews and more are great for your diet and your oral health. Nuts, such as these, are jammed packed with protein, vitamin D, and even calcium. Nuts also are low in carbs which is something you can get excited about. Non-carb filled foods are foods that usually don’t cause cavities. Cavities are brought on by acid and bacteria. Because nuts don’t contain carbs, they also don’t carry this bacteria component. Another bonus, much like fruits and veggies, is that chewing the nuts causes excess amounts of salvia, keeping tooth decay away.

If you continuously eat these foods, these nutrient rich foods will not only help you stay on track for your healthy lifestyle but they also will increase your oral health. At our dental clinic in Eagan, we want you to succeed with all your new year’s resolutions, with hopefully one of them being taking better care of your teeth and gums. With these tips from our dental team in Eagan, you should be well on your way to a new improved you. Our dental staff is friendly, professional, and passionate about what we do at our dental clinic. Remember to schedule your semi-annual dental exam with us and contact us with questions or concerns!