Dentist in Eagan Checking patients teeth. When it comes to our oral health, we always want you to have a healthy and clean mouth, with beautiful teeth to go with it. There are many standard practices to achieve this goal: Brushing thoroughly twice-a-day, flossing, using mouthwash and keeping certain foods low on your diet scale. Even after all this care, tooth decay is still a real issue that, we at Denmark Dental in Eagan, want you to avoid. Tooth decay is another word for a cavity, which is when bacteria creates acid and that acid begins to eat away at your teeth. If not treated this can become a painful and fatal condition for the tooth/teeth in question.

At Denmark Dental in Eagan, our dentists want to let you know what the leading causes of tooth decay are.

Poor Oral Care

This one should be no surprise since our dentists are always stressing the importance of your oral hygiene. It is imperative to not only be brushing your teeth but flossing and using mouthwash as well. Try and brush for 2 minutes each time, and if applicable, after every meal. Following these diligent steps will provide tooth decay and leave you with a beautiful smile and a clean mouth.

dreamstime_xxl_33938991Deep Crevices or Enamel Problems

Sometimes people have deep crevices within their teeth which may cause tooth decay. The deep cracks between the teeth create an easier pocket of bacteria, which makes it easier to sustain itself. One way to combat this issue is to use one of our dental sealants! Our dental sealants were created to prevent bacteria from being able to gown in the teeth. Our dentists believe our dental sealant would be a great solution for you!

Poor Nutrition

Not only is it important to maintain a healthy diet for your body, but also for your teeth. When someone consumes a heavy amount of sugary and acidic foods, this helps tooth decay occur faster. Another culprit is foods that contain high carbohydrates. It is so important to make sure we always have a balance and make sure we get the healthy nutrition and maybe a sweet here or there. Even our dentists in Eagan, can’t deny their sweet tooth sometimes.

Denmark Dental wants you to always remember this important information so that you can avoid suffering from tooth decay. Also, make sure you are coming in for your semi-annual visits with our dentists in Eagan. We will be able to see tooth decay before you can. Any questions, you can always call us at Denmark Dental. We are compassionate, caring, and professional. So call or stop in, we would love to help you with your oral hygiene. Check back for our next blog part of a series: Reasons For Tooth Decay Our Dentists Want You To Know: Part 2.