With 2017 upon us, this is the time for change, when it comes to your oral health. Ways you can do this is avoid the foods and drinks that wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. At our dental clinic in Eagan, we want you to have the best and healthiest smile. Our dentists are passionate in what they do and here for all your dental needs.

In our last blog we discussed what foods and drinks to avoid for the new year, that was just start.

Here are a few more treats you should put down for a healthy and beautiful smile:

Sticky Foods

If or when you had braces, you were informed to stay away from these at all costs. Well, even though you may have that straight smile now, it is best practice to still keep away. Sticky foods tend to stay on the teeth longer, which can bring on tooth decay if not taken care of right away. If you can’t resist the treat, rinse your mouth with water afterward and to take it a step further, have a toothbrush on hand. Brushing and flossing after the sticky food will help remove the leftover particles and let you actually enjoy without feeling guilty.

Crunchy Foods

We all love them; potato chips, pretzels, trail mix, and all things that make that glorious “crunch” sound throughout your mouth. Most people believe that staying away from all sugary sweets is enough, well sorry to burst the bubble, but salty snacks are just as bad. Things that go crunch have a ton of starch, which ends up getting stuck between and in your teeth. Leaving this left over mess in your mouth can lead to dental issues down the road. Have floss on hand to use afterward so you can get as much of the leftover junk as possible when you want to indulge in this salty and satisfying snack.


While the carbonation and interesting flavors may feel enjoyable at the time, it can be damaging in the long run. Having super sugary drinks throughout the day for long periods of time can lead to all kinds of decay. The plaque on your teeth, left over from whatever the day has offered, feeds off of the sugar from the pop. This causes acids to build up and destroy the enamel on your teeth. The carbonation from these drinks also dry out your mouth, which helps bacteria reproduce at a faster rate. Breaking the habit of pop is hard, try having a glass water as well. Over time, you won’t crave the pop and your body and smile will thank you for it.


A good beer or a nice crisp and refreshing margarita may feel good sometimes, but try to limit the consumption. Alcohol is another culprit that drys out the mouth causing bacteria to multiply. Eventually, if you drink enough, the amount of saliva you produce will lessen and this can lead to decaying teeth and other infections of the mouth. Gum disease is something you want to be on high alert for if you do drink frequently. Also, extremely heavy consumption of alcohol can possibly lead to mouth cancer. If you feel you may be suffering from these symptoms, come to our dental clinic in Eagan.

Sport Drinks

Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, and more sound healthy and great for you in the grand scheme of things. They replenish electrolytes and keep you hydrated during workouts or strenuous activities. However, and similar to most things on our list, these drinks have mass amounts of sugar. If you work out frequently or these drinks are your favorite, it might be time to break this cycle. Drinking plain water is the best source for you stay hydrated during activities and will be the best option for your oral health.

At our dental clinic in Eagan, our priority is your oral health and perfect smile. Our dentist specializes in general dental care all the way to cosmetic dentistry. Our dental team is experienced and passionate in helping you with all your dental needs. Try avoiding these foods and begin to see the difference in your oral health and most important, that smile. If you have any dental concerns, contact Denmark Dental today! Check back for our next blog about great foods to help your oral health!