Dear Friends and Family,
Bike riding continues to be a great outlet for me bringing me an improved level of fitness and stress reduction. I enjoy talking about biking almost anytime or place. This passion for biking has brought me to ride in the National MS Society Ride Across Minnesota Tram for the last four years. This year’s ride from July 24th to July 29th, will start in Rochester and go through Owatonna, Austin, Lanesboro, Winona and ends back in Rochester. It is said to be a hilly route to challenge all of us and is approximately 300 miles. I am writing to ask for your support by donating to the National MS Society.
Here are ways you can make a donation: (1) drop a check off at our office, or (2) make a donation online (see instructions below). Checks can be made out to the National MS Society.
Summer has started and it seems to move quickly. You can be part of this with me – please donate today. This is a great cause and it helps thousands of worthy individuals. Thank you, again for considering making a donation to such a great organization.
Robert A. Casper JR, DDS
To donate online go to: Click on the blue box in the middle of the page “Donate to a Rider”, choose the Donate/ePledge option next to ‘Star Tribune The Ride Across MN 2011 July 24 – 29, 2011′. Search for Robert Casper in MN and scroll down to click on ‘Casper, Robert’, Click ‘Donate to Robert’.