4 Ways To Fix The Gap In Your Teeth

When you smile, do you see a gap between your teeth? How big is the gap? Can you fit your pinky finger between two teeth, or do you have a small gap that you’d like to close? No matter your reasoning for wanting to fix the gap between your teeth, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans every single year elect for cosmetic dental treatments so that they can enhance their smile. You’re not the only one who wants a beautiful, full smile to flash when smiling or speaking.

A gap in your smile is not a bad thing; however, the gap between your teeth may be cause for concern with your oral health. For some, a gap is natural; it’s how their teeth erupted into their mouth. For others, a gap between teeth is forced as a part of an injury, or it’s the result of decay or a number of oral conditions.

It’s imperative that you discuss with your dentist in Eagan why you have a gap in your teeth, as well as what you can do to correct it. Your dentist will examine your mouth and let you know what they think is best moving forward. If you’re’ curious about your potential options, this article is going to share the causes for tooth gaps and potential gap solutions.


Diastema is the technical term for the gap between your two upper front teeth. It’s one of many places that a gap can develop between teeth, but we will focus on this gap, since it is the most common gap that patients desire to address with their Eagan dentist. Here are reasons why diastema occurs:

#1. Jaw Bone Size

As humans develop, so do their jaw bones. The size of the jaw bone does affect how your teeth erupt into your mouth. For most, a larger jaw bone allows for more space for the teeth. This tends to result in a gap in the front two teeth.

#2. Tissue Overgrowth

If the tissue above your two front teeth develops a slight overgrowth, it can cause your two front teeth to separate, resulting in the gap that you’re looking to treat.

#3. Thumb Sucking

A child’s teeth erupt as they age, and how you help your children take care of their teeth can influence if they have a gap or not. For some, thumb-sucking is a direct cause of the gap they experience later in life. The sucking motion puts pressure on the newly emerging teeth, which have yet to set, forcing them to “spread” away from center.

#4. Gum Disease

Gum disease can develop for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons is the lack of a consistent, proper oral health routine. If you develop gum disease, it can decay your teeth or infect your gums so that they begin to recede and slough away from your teeth. Tooth decay is a serious condition that requires heavy dental intervention or the removal of your tooth. The removal of your tooth or the damage done to your gums or tooth root can cause a gap to form as your teeth gradually sink or recede.


Your local Eagan dentist has a variety of dental treatments that they can utilize to help close or lessen the gap between your teeth. Depending on the cause of your gap, the dentist will discuss your options with you. Here are some common gap treatments dependent on gap cause:


Dental veneers are a great way to close the gap between your two front teeth. If your oral health is in optimal condition, veneers can be fitted and placed to make the gap disappear.


If you have a smaller gap between your two front teeth or your teeth are partially gapped, dental bonding may be an alternative to veneers. The bond is a tooth colored resin that hardens in the gap, acting like the surface of your existing teeth.

Retainers or Partial Braces

Your Eagan dentist may refer you to an orthodontist for partial braces. In some cases, your dentist may be able to get you a fitted retainer to correct even the smallest of teeth gaps.

Improved Dental Hygiene and Treatments

If you’re experiencing gum disease, you will need to improve your dental hygiene and see your dentist until your condition is consistently getting better.

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Do you want to fix the gap between your teeth? You’re not alone, and your desire is not uncommon. In fact, the Denmark Dental team has helped hundreds of patients close the gap between their teeth, as well as create custom dental hygiene routines for those who want to keep their gap. Whether you’re embarrassed about your gap, or you simply want to bring your smile together, the team at Denmark Dental is here for you. Call to schedule your appointment today!