5 Common Reasons People Dread The Dentist

You’re not alone in the world if you dislike going to the dentist. If even the thought of the dentist gives you chills, you’re one of the majority. With that being said, the importance of seeing your local dentist in Eagan, MN is paramount to your oral health. Although you may be brushing, flossing, and rinsing every day, there may be other oral issues that you cannot see on the service. In fact, more than 47 percent of adults have some stage of gum disease. Did you know that gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults? This means that even though you may fear or dread the dentist, it’s important you work with your dentist to get your bi-annual checkups and cleanings, at the very least.


#1. Fear

The dentist can be scary for most, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Communicate with your dentist that you are anxious about the visit. In fact, your local dentist in Eagan, MN will work to make you feel relaxed and comfortable while in their office. Fear is a normal reaction toward the dentist, and you do not have to feel alone in the experience. Simply reach out and let the dental staff at Denmark Dental help you maintain your oral health.

#2. Cost

The dentist can be costly to some. It’s not uncommon to hear patients state that due to the cost of dentistry they simply do not go. Unfortunately, the cost of your checkup, cleaning, and general procedures tends to cost less than allowing gum disease to develop into decay and tooth loss. It’s better to prevent oral health issues than to make an attempt to remedy them.

#3. Bad News

In most cases, people simply do not want to hear the bad news about their teeth. Your dentist will examine your oral health and give you an idea of what you’re doing great at and what you need to improve. The potential of bad news causes anxiety and resentment in people, which causes them to avoid their dental visits altogether.

#4. Instruments

The noise and feeling of specific instruments make people cringe. It’s common for people to not like their dentist working inside their mouth, especially with an instrument that either makes an unfamiliar noise or causes an uncomfortable feeling — even if the patient is numb prior to the procedure.

#5. Time

One of the biggest reasons people dread the dentist is that it takes too much time out of their day to visit. What’s more, to schedule a dental appointment seems difficult to most, but it’s as simple as making a phone call and requesting a time slot. Even if you have to miss work for an hour, the cost of great oral health is nearly priceless.

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Denmark Dental: Your Local Eagan Dentist

If you dread visiting the dentist, you are not alone. Nearly half of Americans do not prefer to think about the dentist let alone go to one. However, your oral health is dependent on keeping good oral habits. One of those habits is allowing your Eagan dentist to examine your mouth and help you make better decisions on how to keep it healthy. Schedule your appointment at Denmark Dental today!