A Special Thank You From Dr. Casper

Sept 24, 2020, Is a day I will always remember! It is now exactly 50 years after I started my journey in Dentistry at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. For the dental part of my life, there are several other important dates like graduation in December of 1973. I opened my dental practice at Yankee Square in Eagan in December of 1975 and then moved it to the current location in 1989. Through the years I have had the good fortune of having the “best of the best” team members. Barb and Laurinda were with the practice for 38 years each, Sui for 28 dedicated years, along with Candace and Annette for 20 plus years. Of course, there were many others who were greatly appreciated. Our current team continues with our mission of providing compassionate, high-quality dental care for those in our community.

The current team deserves a huge thank you for their effort pulling off the surprise retirement event. Dr. Helgeson worked for me for 7 years before purchasing the practice 3 years ago. He and I have grown close over the years and I will miss our frequent conversations about anything and everything, along with the professional dental consultations we both grew from. Dr. Helgeson, you are a great dentist and will take great care of the patient patients at Denmark Dental. Laurinda, Candace, Amanda, Jenny, Darla, Mary Jo, Jen, Tricia, and Lorraine will all do an amazing job carrying on the tradition at Denmark Dental. I do need to give a special Huge Thank you to Darla who has been my trusted chairside assistant for the past 3 years, who (like Sui) has supported me and our patients in so many ways, like keeping me on track with all the new Covid-19 requirements over the last 4 months. It was also Darla’s idea for the retirement parade, WOW!


Now for the biggest thank you; to all the patients I have seen over the last 45 years in Eagan. Without you, there would be no Denmark Dental. It has been my privilege that you entrusted me and my team with your dental care. I consider your trust the highest honor and I will never be able to forget it. A special thanks to all who were able to make it out for the retirement parade. I was overwhelmed by all the kind words and cards. It brought tears to my eyes as we took those trips down memory lane. By the end of the night, I found myself in disbelief of what had just happened, in a way unworthy, but so grateful to have had the opportunity to say thanks to so many of you and goodbye to this chapter of my life. I found myself emotionally drained, in a good way, for a couple of weeks, but I am getting back to normal, and am ready for whatever the good Lord has in store for me next. Thanks again and again……