Every day you look in the mirror you see your smile.

It’s almost perfect, except one tiny imperfection. You have a gap and it is not unnoticeable. It happened a long time ago but you never thought to get it fixed. You have just been living with it all this time.

Denmark Dental specializes is fixing that pesky gap to help you achieve that perfect smile. Dr. Casper and Dr. Helgeson are the cosmetic dentists you’ve been waiting for. Being in practice for over 30 years they both are well versed in how important your teeth are. They have the knowledge and expertise you have been searching for. They specialize in all different cosmetic procedure, and dental bridges are no exception.

Dental bridges were created with you in mind. It bridges the gap between two or more teeth by providing an artificial tooth in the middle. The bridge is considered a crown; it is cap-shaped, just like your tooth, and it’s placed over it. A dental bridge will consist of two crowns, and then a false tooth to go right in between the two crowns.


The two crowns are considered the anchor of the whole process and are medically known as the abutment teeth. Many times bridges get their support from your organic teeth, but if not there is a way to use all implants as well.

Now that you have found the best cosmetic dentists in the Eagan area, you have done the research, and feel a bridge is the best option, why? There are some wonderful benefits to finally take care of that smile.

Get That Smile Back

Restoring your smile back to what it was originally intended is going to not only restore you physically but mentally. A lot of people have things they don’t like about their teeth that they focus on. Once that is fixed they can focus on other things and not feel self-conscious, and can feel confident again.

Chew properly

Sometimes, that unflattering gap affects you in other ways. Depending on where the gap is can cause problems with eating and chewing. A bridge will correct this issue.


Just like with chewing, the gap may hinder your speech. A bridge can fix this issue because it will be restoring the teeth that have caused it in the first place.


A dental bridge is similar to a permanent fix. If it is cared for properly it can last for decades.

Denmark Dental is your leading cosmetic dentist in Eagan, MN. Our dentists have over 30 years of experience and their goal is to help you maintain your beautiful smile and feel more confident in the process. If you are considering getting a dental bridge, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and professional staff is just a phone call away.