So, you read our previous post and learned all about dental bridges, and why it might be the right solution for you. That’s wonderful! We, at Denmark Dental, are the leaders in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants and will be more than happy to get your smile back to amazing.

Now, you are probably curious as to what the procedure entails, maybe even a little nervous. No worries! We will take the utmost care of you and let you know everything we do each step of the way. We know dental procedures can be overwhelming and want to keep you at ease,

Knowing information ahead of time is always a benefit. We want to walk you through a normal visit of a dental bridge implant.




Discuss with Dr. Casper or Dr. Helgeson the problem you’ve been facing. You can let them know you have done prior research or just simply ask their opinion of what they think would be best for your treatment plan. Once you have decided to go ahead with the dental bridge, the next part of the session will commence.


You will be provided with an anesthetic, similar to what you would get to fill a cavity, This is to make you as comfortable as possible during the appointment.


Teeth need to be prepared because there will be a casting made of your existing teeth. The anchor teeth of the bridge need to be parallel. This will ensure you will receive the most accurate bridge placement. This can take some time to get just right, especially if you are getting a bridge for more than three teeth.


This is crucial because this is what they will use to make your permanent bridge. This is always done so that the bridge will fit accurately and snuggly.


Our Dentist will take the shade of your teeth and match it so that the bridge will look natural.

Temporary Bridge

A temporary bridge is created and placed so that you can use that while you wait for your permanent one to be completed. In the case of a normal bridge, you wear this for about 1 to 2 weeks to get a feel for how the official one will fit.



Another round of anesthetic to keep you comfortable.


A temporary bridge is removed and all the cement that was placed to hold it.

Try it

Place the bridge to see how the fit, bite, margin, and how you overall feel with it in. This is good practice because you wouldn’t wantcta2.2to place it permanently if it didn’t feel right.


The bridge is placed and our dentist will use the bonding material they feel is best for this dental implant procedure.

After the appointment, we will give you some aftercare instructions that are important to keep your bridge in great shape.


Flossing is very important and it has to be a done certain way with a certain type of floss. You will have to thread the floss underneath the bridge, and get up to the gum so you can get all the plaque. It is recommended to floss a few times a week.

The procedure can be lengthy but our cosmetic dentists specializing in dental implants will take very good care of you. Denmark Dental is a professional and friendly environment, and we have your best interest in mind. Set up your appointment today so we can set that gorgeous smile.