If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been going over oral care tips you may have missed over the years. We want our patients to take the best care of their oral health, and we want to give the most useful knowledge to do so.

Our dentists in Eagan want to make sure your mouth is healthy and your teeth are sparkling white. We can do this by giving you the proper oral care tips, and encouraging you visiting our dentists in Eagan every 6 months.


You Should Be Cleaning Your Tongue

Many people miss this step in their teeth brushing routine, but you want to be cleaning your tongue to prevent bad breath and help remove even more bacteria, even after brushing your teeth. Using a tongue cleaner will scrape off the leftover bacteria off of your tongue. If that sounds unpleasant, we understand. You can get a toothbrush that has a tongue cleaner on the back. This way, you are taking care of two important steps at the same time, with the same tool. Make sure you are cleaning your tongue at least twice a day, every time you brush your teeth.

Make Sure Your Bristles Aren’t Too Rough

Many people believe the harder the bristle, the stronger the brush; this is false. If the bristles are too stiff, they can actually do harm to your gums. You want to find a soft bristle brush for the best cleaning and oral care results. If you remember correctly, the toothbrush is just there to help clean and dislodge food particles between your teeth. You want your bristles to be more flexible so they can get between all the crevices. Sometimes, hard bristle brushes can actually remove the enamel off of your teeth, this would be terrible because this layer is what keeps your teeth from being extra sensitive to hot and cold substances.

Brush With The Right Technique

Many people are unaware, but the most effective way to brush your teeth is in small circles. Using a circular-like motion will cover more area, and be more gentle on your gums. Make sure you are always making contact with your teeth and gums with your toothbrush. You don’t need to use extreme pressure when brushing either.

Not only do you want a circular motion for your oral health, you also want to brush vertically behind the front and bottom teeth. Avoid using so much force that the bristles bend. If this happens you are brushing a little too hard.

Brushing at the Correct Angle

Your toothbrush should always be at 45-degree angle when you are brushing your teeth. Many people tend to hold their brush completely horizontal and this is incorrect. Keeping your brush at an angle will make sure that the entire tooth surface and gums are getting contact from your brush and toothpaste. You want to clean your gum line correctly so you can avoid gum tenderness, bleeding, and possibly disease.

Our Dentists in Eagan always want to ensure you are using the best oral care tips. Implement these brushing tips into your routine and your mouth will thank you for it. Remember to schedule your semi-annual check up with us in Eagan!