The One Truth About Teeth Whitening You Need To Know

As you age, your teeth will begin to discolor. This discoloration can happen due to acidic food and drink, your oral habits, or simply genetics. It’s common to think that there is something wrong with having off-white teeth, but that’s the natural discoloration process of your teeth. You wouldn’t think so, seeing celebrities, athletes, and politicians glean smiles brighter than the nearest sparkling star. The single most important truth to remember about your teeth is that they will continue to darken as you get older, but you can do something about it.


You can brighten your smile multiple shades at a time with cosmetic teeth whitening at your local dentist. You don’t have to live with stained or discolored teeth. You can do something to enhance your smile and improve how you feel about smiling. As one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatment, teeth whitening is a great way for people with healthy smiles to make them shine brighter.


You’ve decided to get your teeth whitened, but you have some concerns. At Denmark Dental in Eagan, we understand. Most patients don’t get their teeth whitened on a whim. They prefer to do a little research, check reviews, and confirm their decision that teeth whitening is for them. Here are some frequently asked questions we get in our dental office:

Which chemicals are used to bleach teeth?

In most cases, cosmetic teeth whitening utilizes a peroxide compound. This compound penetrates tooth enamel to remove stains. Some teeth whitening products contain non-bleach ingredients, which also help remove surface stains.

Do over the counter teeth whitening kits work?

It depends on the state of your teeth and your oral health. Some over-the-counter products work wonders for people. In most cases, the at-home teeth whitening kits show little results and can potentially damage your teeth. It’s best to see your cosmetic dentist to receive teeth bleaching treatments for the best results.

How can the dentist help whiten my teeth?

Your dentist will provide a professional strength bleach used in custom fitted trays. In as little as one appointment, you can see your smile brighten a few shades. Not only do you get professional attention, but you also get the strongest teeth whitening solutions used in the most effective manner. Trusting your dentist is the best course of action when it comes to anything involving your oral health, whether it be cosmetic, restorative, or preventive.

Does whitening work on crowns or fillings?

Unfortunately, teeth whitening products do not work on fillings or crowns. If you’re concerned about your crowns or fillings, schedule an appointment with your Denmark Dentist in Eagan to discuss other dental options.


How long will a teeth whitening treatment last?

The duration of professional teeth whitening will vary based on your habits and diet. Acidic foods and drinks will make the whitening fade quicker. Furthermore, if you use any kind of tobacco products or smoke, it can diminish the whitening treatment sooner than expected. You’ll want to consult your dentist on how long you, as an individual, can expect the treatment to last.

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