What To Do When You Lose A Crown

You’re sitting down, minding your own business enjoying a meal when suddenly you feel something shift on your teeth. You come to the startling realization that you’ve just lost the crown on your tooth.

Whether it’s from the food you were eating, or the decay of the tooth, crowns can come loose and fall out for a variety of reasons. While it is a somewhat common experience, many people don’t know what to do when they lose a crown. If you’ve lost a crown, don’t worry, your trusted dentist in Eagan is here to help! Just follow these simple steps.


Losing a crown can be a jarring experience, but it isn’t a life-threatening one. Usually, crowns come loose and fall out while you’re eating, flossing, or brushing your teeth. If possible, recover the crown, but it’s not uncommon to accidentally swallow the crown. In these cases, just remember that you’ll be fine. You’ll pass the crown without any issue, but you’ll have to have a new crown made instead of simply replacing the existing one.

If you’ve found the crown, gently clean it with a toothbrush. Also, take the time to clean your exposed tooth as well. Your tooth may be sensitive, so brush carefully.

Step 2: Call Your Dentist In Eagan

Once the crown has separated from your tooth, you’ll want to call your dentist as soon as possible. Often, they’ll be able to fit you in with an emergency dental appointment. Until your appointment, you’ll need to take care of your crown and your tooth.

Step 3: Caring For Your Tooth

If you have recovered the crown, it’s best if you temporarily replace it on your tooth. You can use a variety of products to accomplish this. In a pinch, a dab of toothpaste or vaseline will do. Before you apply any of these, make sure you test fit the crown so you know how it fits properly. With the small amount of toothpaste or vaseline in place, put the crown back on your tooth.

If you have lost the crown, you’ll need to protect the tooth another way. Without the crown, parts of your tooth are now exposed and the tooth could be sensitive. Gently brushing the tooth with toothpaste can clear out some debris, and keep the area clean prior to your dental apt.

Step 4: Address Any Pain

The loss of a crown can be a painful experience. If your tooth feels very tender or sore, use over-the-counter anti-inflammatories as directed and reach out to your dental office for assistance with your tooth.

Step 5: Meet With Your Eagan Dentist

You should meet with your dentist to replace the crown as soon as possible. It is important to address the lost crown as soon as possible so the tooth can be restored to full strength and covered to prevent further damage to the tooth.

At Denmark Dental in Eagan, we have over 40 years of experience restoring teeth with a dental crown. We offer a few different crown material options, all meant to address your specific dental needs and provide you with a durable, cosmetic dentistry solution.


Are you in need of a permanent or temporary dental crown? Then it’s time to visit our dentistry in Eagan! We’ve been a part of the community for more than 40 years, providing expert care to our friends and neighbors. Book your appointment today!