Why a Dental Bridge?dreamstime_m_41065611

When you think of a bridge, your mind recalls the image of a road or walkway spanning a body of water or arching over the space above another road. It’s a similar scenario with your teeth—a dental bridge covers the gap between two teeth with a third false tooth placed to fill in the empty space.

If you’ve lost a tooth, whether, through decay, trauma, or gum disease, a dental bridge can help restore the appearance of a full smile as well as offer complete functionality of the teeth in that area.

The false tooth that fills the gap is known as a “pontic,” and the teeth on either side of it (called “abutment teeth”) are secured to the pontic through a series of connected crowns.


Considering a dental bridge to address a gap in your smile?

A bridge is an excellent cosmetic dentistry solution, and also provides several benefits.

  • Durability – Properly cared for, a dental bridge can last many years, even decades.
  • Appearance – Dental bridges provide an all-natural look for your smile, restoring confidence and appeal.
  • Function – If you’ve suffered from poor chewing ability because of tooth gaps, a bridge can fix this. It can also improve speech for those struggling to speak due to missing teeth.

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