A root canal is a dual-definition term. Technically, it refers to the space at the center of the tooth, where the tooth’s nerve runs through. A root canal is also the common term for a treatment for severely decayed or infected teeth. In a root canal procedure, the infected nerve tissue is removed and the tooth cavity is sanitized and sealed.

If an infected tooth is not treated soon enough, further damage can occur such as an abscess, bone loss, swelling, or the spreading of the infection to other teeth.


Many dental patients remain leery of root canals because of the assumption that the process will be extremely painful. Let us reassure you that for most of our patients, there’s no more discomfort involved than if you were to get a filling, and we make great efforts to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Also, our dentists specialize in endodontics, so they are experts at this dental procedure.

Here are a few questions that can help determine if you might require a root canal:

  • Do you experience intense toothaches or pain while chewing?
  • Do you experience ongoing tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures?
  • Does the tooth pain wake you at night?
  • Is the gum line around the tooth showing signs of tenderness, swelling, or a pimple?

If you see any of these indications, contact us today for an exam by one of our dental professionals who will be able to confirm whether or not a root canal is necessary.

Contact us today to have your root canal taken care of professionally and exceptionally from our dentists in Eagan as soon as possible.