1. 4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Teeth Clean

    Everyone loves to flash their brilliant white smile, but stains and discoloration can leave some feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth. Fortunately, keeping your teeth clean is easier than you might think. Here are four simple ways your Eagan dentist recommends to keep your teeth clean. Be Mindful of What You Eat They say that you are what you eat, and your teeth certainly ref…Read More

  2. Why do I need to floss?

    Do I really need to floss?

    As a practicing dentist in Eagan, MN seeing significant improvement in my patient’s oral hygiene habits is the most rewarding part of my job. Good oral hygiene can save individuals thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime. So, what are people doing to get such positive changes? You must mechanically clean all surfaces of your teeth! Imagine that we live in a world where…Read More

  3. Fear, Phobia, Anxiety and Dentistry

    I am certain I don’t need to explain the title of this blog; most of you can identify with the first three words and how they relate to your dental care. I had one patient tell me “I would rather have another child than have you give me the shot.” Other patients are more subtle, and still some are brought to tears. It’s unfortunate that routine dental visits can cause this much stress for…Read More

  4. Patient Driven Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry has, over the last decade, become increasingly popular. We are asked almost daily by patients how they can whiten their teeth or improve the appearance of their smile. At times solutions can be as simple as bleaching and at other times it can include a more comprehensive approach. Cosmetic dentistry demands that we begin with the end in mind. It demands the utmost attention to d…Read More

  5. When should I schedule my child’s first dental visit?

    The answer to that question may be more obvious than you think. The first dental visit should be scheduled after your child’s first tooth appears in their mouth. A baby’s teeth start to come in around 6 months of age and most will have a full set of primary teeth by their 3rd birthday. A nice goal would be to have their first dental visit prior to or around their 1st birthday. One strategy can…Read More