1. Diabetes and Your Dental Health The effects of diabetes on dental health can be effectively managed if they are understood. Armed with this understanding, basic preventive measures can maintain a healthy mouth. Diabetes does not have a direct impact on the health of the mouth. Difficulties can arise from secondary issues that occur with a diabetic person. There tends to be a higher concentration o…Read More

  2. But I drink DIET Soda, so it’s ok…

    A far too common misconception about oral health and soda is that diet soda has no sugar so it doesn’t harm teeth. Though diet soda doesn’t directly cause cavities it promotes an environment that is beneficial for the bacteria that create cavities, aka “acid loving bacteria”. An important point needs to be addressed here. Not all bacteria in our mouth are disease producing (causing cavitie…Read More

  3. Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

    If you are reading this, you are likely one of the many individuals with at least one sensitive tooth. A research review published in 2006 by the Journal of the American Dental Association estimated that up to 57% of the population may be experiencing sensitivity in one or more of their teeth. So, lets get right to it: what causes sensitivity in teeth? (1) One of the leading causes of sensitivity …Read More

  4. We Want to Hear from YOU!

    At Denmark Dental we are continually trying to find ways to make you more comfortable when visiting us. We appreciate feedback, as it is also helpful for those individuals looking for a new dental home. Please share your experience with us on google. To write a google review click the following link Google Review. You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one. Near the top of …Read More

  5. The Ride Across Minnesota – National MS Society

    Dear Friends and Family, Bike riding continues to be a great outlet for me bringing me an improved level of fitness and stress reduction. I enjoy talking about biking almost anytime or place. This passion for biking has brought me to ride in the National MS Society Ride Across Minnesota Tram for the last four years. This year’s ride from July 24th to July 29th, will start in Rochester and go thr…Read More

  6. The 3 Necessities for Tooth Decay

    It may be surprising to hear that dental decay is the most common chronic infectious disease affecting children. It is a disease that is progressive and leads to more complicated treatment the longer it is neglected. This blog will cover the formula for getting tooth decay and provide simple tips to aid in its prevention. The formula consists of (1) a location that allows bacteria to easily adhere…Read More

  7. Does a Healthy Mouth Aid in the Prevention of Cancer?

    For years now there has been evidence supporting a link between unhealthy gums and heart disease, diabetes, low term birth weights and other systemic diseases. A link to cancer is seldom mentioned in current research. A study in Lancet Oncology found that men with a history of gum disease were 14% more likely to develop cancer of any kind; the link was especially strong for lung and pancreatic can…Read More

  8. Fear, Phobia, Anxiety and Dentistry

    I am fairly certain that I don’t need to explain the title of this blog; most of you can identify with the first three words and how they relate to the profession of dentistry. All three present differently and with varying degrees of intensity. I had one patient tell me “I would rather have another child than have you give me the shot.” Others are more subtle, and still some are brought to …Read More

  9. Flossing: What you want to know (Part 2/2)

    Part one of this blog on flossing gave some of the basic reasons to frequently floss your teeth; to prevent decay and maintain healthy gums. This update will take you a little deeper. The most common reason for adult tooth loss is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is when the supporting bone that holds our teeth firmly in place is lost. When enough bone is lost, teeth can become painful, lo…Read More

  10. SoniCare winner has been announced!

    Congratulations to Michael Champion who is the winner of the Denmark Dental SoniCare contest. Michael came in today, March 29th 2011 to claim his prize at our office, taking a photo with our Dentists; Dr. Casper and Dr. Helgeson. We had a little technical delay, but the next one will be coming up very soon.…Read More